Finding a garment that will last for years and does not go out of style is an adventure… but not impossible! We have found a must for the summer season that, in addition to being of national origin, is a timeless classic: elegant, fresh, and super versatile, just like your Petit Bain! We are talking about the Menorquinas.

Its origin is on the magical island of Menorca. At first, they were used by the bakers and by the peasants. To make them last longer, there was the idea of ​​reinforcing the sole with rubber (with the material of the wheels of a car), what today is called recycling, genius! How a piece that is so many years old remains a classic of reference during the summer season, to be honest, we are not surprised: its simple and elegant design, its durability, and the versatility that characterize it have been the differentiating factor that has made it stand out.

And, like your Petit Bain, they go with everything, a more dressed or a casual look, to go to the beach or for a drink. Going to the beach has never been so easy, combining the Petit Bain that you like the most with your favorite Menorquinas you have the perfect look for several years. We have to acknowledge the reality and importance of investing wisely: quality, not quantity.