Our favorite part of what we do is definitely this: planning and making photoshoots in beautiful places. We love going out to find dream places where our products breathe the essence of summer. We can’t imagine finding a place as spectacular as this session.

We were in the Costa Brava looking for the perfect locations for the photoshoot of our Essentials collection. We venture along the paths that connect the coves each one more beautiful than the previous one, and let ourselves be carried away by the breeze to find the perfect place.

We were accompanied by an analog and a digital camera on this adventure, and an unmatched team of creatives who made the journey much more than work.

We witnessed the magic that so many have spoken of, and so many painters have delayed. It is true that the sunlight gives different in the Costa Brava, the contrast of the silhouettes of our beautiful models and the glossy color of the lycra of our swimwear shone like never before.

Seeing the result of so many hours in the sun was magical.

We leave you the result of this photoshoot to relive with us this getaway last summer, and to dream about the summer that is just around the corner!

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