We've all heard of sustainability, but what is it really? A product is sustainable when its production and development ensure the well-being of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

This applies to everything, that is, you also have to eat sustainably: seasonal and local or national fruits and vegetables. This last point is where we want to go, not only must it be produced and developed with the best materials, but also those that, in this case, is Made in Spain. Have you ever stopped to think about what contaminates a Made in China garment? The route that this product has to make until it reaches the different points of sale is exaggerated, with the amount of fuel that this implies.

Not only do you have to talk about the origin of the garment but also its way of manufacturing, is it mass production? If the answer is yes, we are doing something wrong. In other words, a kilo of cotton garments costs 10,000 liters of water to produce. An outrage, right? Well now imagine the amount of water that the production of clothing costs our planet in one day, it is almost impossible to get used to the idea.

These worrisome data is what prompted us to develop our brand, we wanted to exploit our passion for fashion while contributing our grain of sand, this is how Petit Bain was born. We are a sustainable brand, with all that this word means: we produce nationally and not in large quantities, we ensure that the quality of our product is exceptional without compromising the needs of future generations.