We often buy on impulse: I see it, I like it, I want it, I have it. As much as we love this in Ariana’s song, we don't stop to think about the production process, materials, or durability. Creating Petit Bain, we have aimed to transfer our Eco conscience to our products, quality garments that will last for years with an elegant and timeless design.

Just like us, there are other brands have the same purpose, to take care the environment and our future. A Petit Bain makes you look good, but you also have to feel good. The feeling of contentment begins with the consumption of high-quality cosmetic products that improve the appearance and texture of our skin and our hair. Here are some of our favorite skin care brands that would enhance the health of your skin:

Midnight Cosmetics: made in Spain, vegan, and 100% natural products. The combination and the balance of the PH in its products create the perfect formula to show off your hair this summer.

La Jabonería de Churruca: its production is artisanal and does not generate waste. The base of its products is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We highly recommend their sage and honey soap as it strengthens the skin making it less sensitive to changes in temperature and avoiding redness. A win-win for the beach season!

Freshly Cosmetics: their products are natural and vegan. Their product par excellence for this summer is the Golden Radiance Body Oil, a body oil that hydrates and illuminates the skin, perfect for a post-beach day.