We strive to be a 100% sustainable brand every day. Still, there are many more actions we can take to reduce waste created by the fashion industry. In an effort to make a meaningful Sale Season, we have launched our campaign:
B E T T E R  x  P E T I T B A I N

With this campaign, we encourage you and reward you for taking steps towards sustainability. In short, you will get discounts for recycling your swimsuits and clothes! 


How it works:

We will reward all of you who share a photo or video on your social media profile with a remarkable discount STOREWIDE:

  1. Take your clothes to a recycling point (Punto Verde in Spain, Conteneur du Relais in France, etc.).
  2. Take a picture or video and upload it tagging @petitbainbrand and #betterwithpetitbain
  3. You will receive your 25% OFF discount code!
  4. If you have a private social media profile send us a screenshot!

We're looking forward to seeing you in action, so let's get to it!




- All users who post pictures and videos on social media networks (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) are eligible to receive a 25% OFF discount code. 

- The discount code is limited to one use per client, and will be available for 6 months since the release of the campaign.

- All the store's products are eligible for the discount, there is no maximum or minimum amount purchase. 

- None of the videos/photos depicting hate language or symbols, prohibited images, violence, and content that doesn't comply with the network's policies will be eligible for discount, and will be removed from the campaign.

- Claims will be answered at hi@petitbain.co.