Who said that we can't look good and be environmentally conscious at the same time? When it comes to styling your swimsuits, we are here to help you achieve your fabulously green summer look!   In addition to choosing a bikini or swimsuit that is respectful to the environment and flattering (just like Andalusian Bikini, French, or Sunday swimsuit), we have to choose what to style it with to go to the beach or the pool. One of the brands that we like the most, for their designs and their philosophy is Victoria Prada. Eco-Friendly and artisanal, they also have the perfect sarongs to combine with our swimwear.

Another brand that we love is Genuins, a shoe brand that strives with its production process, and materials that are both ethical and sustainable.  As 80% of the brand's production is animal-free, their designs are in vogue, comfortable and versatile.

And finally, Hemper, an accessories brand that was born from the need for a change in managing waste. The brand's DNA is all about restoring objects that we believe no longer serve us. Through the upcycling of different products, they create spectacular accessories for everyday life and, of course, to go to the beach.