Our passion for fashion moves us to Italy, where our fabrics come from. We choose them carefully and bring them to Spain to make our collections.

The simplicity and elegance of our designs culminate in the best lycra of Italian origin, used by many other Premium brands. Our need to bring quality fashion and its exclusivity to a wider audience led us to create Petit Bain.

In return, the awareness in the production of the textile sector makes our brand sustainable, we are committed to, step by step, change the world of fashion. We manufacture only 1,000 units distributed among our designs. In this way we produce without giving rise to unnecessary waste.

Our inspiration comes from our travels and we move by passion and instinct. The spot that inspires us the most when creating our collections is the Mediterranean Sea, the beaches of Spain, Italy and Greece have a different essence that makes us unique, rocky beaches among incredible landscapes, such as those of Menorca or Sicily.

Staying true to our values, we have created a brand of which we are proud, with unique and quality raw materials we create pieces with soul, each one is special and is personally approved by us, to ensure that you receive the quality you deserve.