Le Manifeste

We are the brand that champions a slow lifestyle, in contrast to the frenetic pace that already forms part of this modern world. Bearers of the slow fashion; we believe that living slowly is the ‘new luxury’.

With fresh air from our mediterranean Europe, we empower an eminently natural beauty. We have passion for art in any form and we are sensitive to the value of maturity in those who have made an inner journey.


We have learned in the past year that taking a pause is the key to balance. The speed at which we consume is not sustainable. We believe that slowing down makes us conscious, caring, and better.

Organic beauty

We devote ourselves to beauty that is natural, unretouched, and sometimes improvised. We believe in the magic of stolen moments, of self-confidence, and self-knowledge.

Exclusive but inclusive

Fashion doesn't have to be unattainable. Our swimwear is made by and for confident women. Looking good was never easier.


We are commited to improve day by day, looking for sustainable business models, raw materials, and design concepts that make our swimwear better.

Join us and be a part of the change the world desperately needs.

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